David Valsorda

DAVID VALSORDA,  an Australian author local to the inner north of Melbourne Victoria.

After attending LaTrobe University, he worked as both an electrician and firefighter before completing his first novel. Somewhat slow to adopt writing as a serious endeavour, it would be a misspent youth – buried in books, video games, and cinema (specifically an eye-opening screening of Event Horizon) – that would foster his love of space and space-time, and thus plant within him the initial quandary of Quantum Ridge – What if there was a way to travel back in time?

In Quantum Ridge – a fast-paced action-adventure tale – David pays homage to a lifetime of both scientific and science-fiction fascination while staying true to the realism of combat and sacrifice. Exploring the paradoxes of time-travel, parallel universes, inherent right and wrong, and the costs associated (both macro and micro) of attempting to change history, it is a book written for those who will forever question – what if…?

David lives with his wife Georgina and their newborn son Roy, and still serves his community via the Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s Carlton firestation.