Author Policy

Thank you for considering Prahran Publishing to publish your manuscript. We only take on a few manuscripts per year but offer a dedicated service across a wide range of offerings. We believe in transparency, so our Author Policy serves to outline what we do, what we don’t do and what our decision-making process is guided by. Unlike the publishing contract which contains the basic agreement and is set for the duration of the author-publisher relationship, this is an evolving set of guidelines and we welcome input to ensure our service provisioning is as close to best practice as we can possibly be.


  1. We cannot be everything to everyone and our focus is primarily the fiction books market. We will accept short stories over 10,000 words, stage plays, and general fiction books across any genre.
  2. We do not (at this stage) accept children’s books, non-fiction or poetry.
  3. We will guarantee a decision and a reply within two weeks of submission.
  4. All submissions must be uploaded via the Prahran Press website submissions page. Please do not send hardcopy printouts.

Our Standard Agreement

  1. We only offer publishing contracts per book (we do not lock in authors to multi-book commitments). We would hope that we do a good job in publishing your manuscript that you would naturally offer us options for subsequent book agreements.
  2. Our standard contract period is five years, after which you may take back all rights or sign a contract extension for another five-year period with an additional 10% royalty earning.
  3. Our initial contract offers 20%-35% better royalties than most publishers with a 50% royalty offering after book expenses have been deducted.
  4. We do not offer royalty advances.
  5. We will be specific in what rights we reserve and in which territories. If we do not have the capabilities to represent you in that market or right, we will not claim those rights.

The Editing

What the author has written and what is eventually published are often two different things. That metamorphic process is editing. We insist that all submissions have already undergone professional structural and line editing reviews with an editor of the author’s choosing. At a bare minimum, the manuscript should be proofread by a professional other than the author. All submissions must include details of this review process that has already been undertaken. We can offer editing services but given the comparatively high royalty share offer, this will incur an up-front fee. Our editing policy will apply for that service but will be underpinned by a consultative rather than a dictatorial review process.

If we consider the manuscript to be of a print-ready quality, our final editing policy will apply:

  1. We will only edit inadvertent errors in the manuscript.
    (overlooked typos & punctuation.)
  2. We will never make sweeping changes or cuts to your story.
  3. We will only cut sections of text if the subject contravenes criminal law.

What you supply to us should be in its absolute final stage and at a point where you feel it is ready to be printed. We will be under no obligation to retract, revise or repair your story after publication, so be very sure your submission is at its possible best.

The Cover

The all-important cover is one of the most contentious decisions that will be faced. It is the visual representation of your beloved manuscript and will be what people judge your work by (at least initially). The cover serves to also sell, so both publisher and author have significant stakes in the final decision. Our policy regarding the selection of the cover of your book is as follows:

  1. We will initially consult with the author, what concepts they envisage for the cover.
  2. We will present an option of three covers to select from based on the author’s concepts.
  3. We will never release a book with a cover the author does not approve.
  4. Minor changes may be requested for the selected cover.
  5. If no agreement on the three covers can be reached, subsequent cover designs will be at the author’s cost.
  6. Final cover design decision will rest with the publisher and we reserve the right not to publish the book if an agreement cannot be reached.

The Marketing

It is strongly encouraged that the author maintains a public profile to encourage readership of their book. The success of a published manuscript is a joint responsibility. We can offer technical provisioning services and advice to maintain and monitor a publicly visible presence to promote the book. The updating of regular content is the author’s responsibility. Service provisioning (if not already established) in the following areas:
1. Author WordPress Website &/or Blog with mailing list collection.
2. Good Reads & Amazon Author Pages with auto-publishing of the above blog content.
3. Facebook Public Page management with auto-publishing from author blog (not private author profile).
4. Instagram Business account with auto-publishing.
5. Twitter and Pinterest (advice and connections).
6. YouTube/Google Plus
7. Search Engine Optimisation as well as analytics.


1. An initial $250 advertising will be spent (by the publisher) upon launch for online and book catalogue advertising.
2. Following the launch, 5% of publisher profits for the month will be reserved for the next month’s advertising budget, which will continue for the life of the book.


We are a small independent publisher and as such do not have a fleet of sales reps visiting bookshops. We will submit to all major book catalogues making your book available to purchase in brick & mortar stores as well as eBook websites.

You will have the option to list your title with book distributors (who do have sales reps visiting bookstores) but given the distributors’ take will reduce the final profits – this decision will be jointly made by author and publisher.